How it works

Mechanical, emotionless, and supremely smart.  Balance your conflicting trading criteria and force-rank personalized and actionable options trades daily.  

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Wouldn't You Agree Your Options Trading Needs to Be Simpler and More Powerful?

Ranking, Not Screening, Against Your Criteria

Force-Ranking (not screening) To Find Your Next Best Options Trade

Whether you are a trading pro or beginner investor, your criteria for trade entry will naturally conflict.  Stop wasting your time manually scouring through options trades and instead harness the power of Multi-Criteria Decision Making science and machine learning.

Balancing the tradeoffs between your individual trading criteria vs. on-off dumb filters in conventional screeners will bring your trading to the next level.

Learns Your Trading Style

Like your own personal options trading assistant - without all the emotions. You can relax and rely on cold, hard machine-learning mechanical ranking of the entire options universe to meet your weighted trading preferences.

It's your decision as to whether you want to place more emphasis on criteria such as monthly income, target return, or risk aversion and your decision whether or not to pull the trigger.

You’ll have the freedom to make more trades with less effort and more confidence.

Learns Your Trading Style

Templates and add-on strategies to get you started

Visual Strategy Builder and Templates to Get You Started

With Brutus you don’t need to start with a blank page or complicated forms.  Load up a framework template or a fully built strategy and modify with a simple, drag-and-drop, visual user interface to get trading in no time.

Best of all, Brutus remembers your strategies and learns over time. Set your strategy, forget, and head straight to your #1 trade each day.

Hi From Brutus

Oh, and this is Brutus, the face of our Options Ranking Cloud Software.  You'll see him around.

Being more like a personal options trading assistant than a piece of software, it’s only appropriate to personify him with a name. A boring “Option Screener 2.0″ label just does not do Brutus justice.

Beta Now Open!