About Us

We're on a mission to bridge the technology gap between Main Street and Wall Street.

Education and accessibility of standardized equity options trading has improved over the past two decades, opening the
doors to retail traders. Many investors are ditching high fees of managed funds and the stale investment choices in the
traditional buy-and-hold-forever strategy for a new wave of trading. Options offer a more strategic, more profitable, and less risky (when used correctly) form of retail trading.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bridge the final gap between retail investors and the Wall Street pros by automating the most
time-consuming aspects of options trading with cutting-edge analytical tools that incorporate decision-making sciences and machine learning to create relevancy and speed.

Our Vision

Empower the Retail Trader

The retail trader is often a term thrown around for "the rest of us" trying to participate in global markets.

We understand that every retail trader is unique with their own interests, backgrounds and trading experience. That's why we offer access to our tools for free, with additional premium features as your trading grows.

You won't find this with any of our competitors. Market data, ongoing development and server infrastructure are expensive and all our competitors pass off this cost equally to all customers. Consider our free account a vote of confidence, as we know that you'll grow in your trading with our free tools to the point that it makes obvious financial sense to invest in our premium offerings to further expand your options trading.

Honest Marketing

Derivatives have earned a bad reputation over the years. From the big banks' irresponsible use of derivatives blowing up the financial system to the scam of binary options trading, it's no wonder that many smart investors avoid such instruments.

Your online time is now littered with “No-Lose”, “400% Overnight Gains”. You will never see such advertising from us. In fact, the people who fall for these headlines probably won’t do well with our software and should reconsider joining our community.

The Brutus Options Ranker brings decision making sciences and automation to your options trading strategy - not some talking head on TV If you’re new, we provide template strategies to get you started, and we clearly outline important risk considerations and reminders.

If you're willing to put in some effort to educate yourself and stay disciplined and small in your investments, then welcome - we'll accomplish great things together.

Call Out Bad Behavior

As described in our value system of honest marketing, our industry has earned a bad reputation from scandal to scandal. The market place is still rife with schemes to take advantage of hard-working people. We have no tolerance for this, and we feel it is our responsibility to take a hard stance, when appropriate, to educate our community.

Curate the Best Education

We are not an options trading education company. Our strategy is to focus relentlessly on producing the best technology possible to enhance your options trading. However, this does not absolve us of the responsibility to curate the best possible options trading education for our community.

To the point above, the market is full of snake oil salesmen and blatant scams. We vet our education partners against our core trading pillars before they are listed, or their content is integrated in our trade discovery software.

Respect Various Trading Styles & Philosophies

At OptionAutomator we're primarily focused on selling options for income; however, we understand there are many other successful trading strategies. Therefore, we strive to accommodate such strategies in the Brutus Options Ranker. However, at times we will take a strong stance against certain strategy types that we feel mislead retail traders or put you at an inherent disadvantage.

Own Our Mistakes

OptionAutomator is a young startup. We have made and will make mistakes. Software may go down, bugs may creep out, and billing may have errors. But no matter the mistake, we'll be transparent in what happens and do everything possible to correct it as soon as possible.

Equal Access Across the Globe

We have a global team and believe strongly that everyone should have access to not only our technology, but also real, regulated financial products that can enhance your savings and life.

While the Brutus Options Ranker was launched to rank the U.S. Options Markets at first, we have provided clear tutorials on how traders around the world can access this most robust market. OptionAutomator has aggressive plans to bring Brutus to our home Asian and European markets.