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Our Ground-Breaking Technology, Offered for Free.

The Brutus Options Ranker takes a revolutionary approach compared to conventional stock and options screeners. In fact, for this very reason we call ‘Brutus’ an ‘Options Ranker’ vs. an ‘Options Screener’.

What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked:

Force Rank your Best Options Trades Daily

Force ranking creates both relevancy and actionability in the alternatives evaluated. You will always know your 1st, 2nd, 3rd best trade at any time.

Google revolutionized internet search by introducing algorithms to define relevancy.  Why shouldn't we demand relevancy​ in our options trading searches?

Balancing-in vs. Filtering-out Alternatives with Conflicting Criteria

If you have ever used a conventional options or stock screener perhaps you’ve experienced the “over-specification problem”.

All our competitors’ software simply filters out alternatives in an “on-off” fashion. Therefore, the more criteria you specify in your scans, the fewer results you will get. We’re willing to bet that you’ve hit scan before on your current stock or options screener only to get 0 results.  You then try to remove or relax a few important criteria and get 1000's of unsorted results.  How is this useful?

The Brutus Options Ranker, never filters out a potential trade due to the criteria you specify, read more in the next section.

Force Ranking Your Best Options Trades

Returning to the example above which gave you no results, you realize you have an over-specification and compromise your criteria by relaxing and removing criteria.

After doing this, you get hit with thousands of potential trades, leaving you back at square one to manually sort by various columns to try and find the ‘sweet spot’. If you can relate, you will love our technology. With every rank you will receive a force-ranked list of your best options trades based on as many criteria as you like.

Brutus Learns your Trading Style

Brutus uses principles of machine learning and multi-criteria decision making to perform your rankings.  This means that every rank is highly personalized and incorporates your view on the risk-reward tradeoff.

He will force-rank all available options trades based on your desired spread type (setup), a group of stocks you want to scan for options (market group), and the criteria you specify (maximizing, minimizing or targeting any multitude stock or options trading parameters).

With a few questions and automated nightly runs, he learns how to balance the trade-offs between your conflicting criteria to always provide you with your best, most relevant trade for the next trading day.

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