Can I Execute Options Trades Through the Brutus Options Ranker?

Can I Execute Options Trades I Find in the Brutus Options Ranker via the Software?

Yes and no.

We do not provide a broker service, nor do we allow logins to any brokerage services via API.

However, you can select any trade on the results page and generate an order code which you can be paste into the ThinkOrSwim platforms. Other integrations will be available later.

A Closer Look at The Results Page

Let's say you're making your way through your daily results.  If you find a trade you like that you would like to further analyze or to execute via TDAmeritrade, you can quickly create an order code by clicking the "Trade" Button.

Done?  Great.  

Next, you will be presented with an order code which is compatible.  Now click the icon to the right to copy the code to your computer's clipboard.

Head Over to ThinkOrSwim

Now you will need to log into your ThinkOrSwim account and paste in our code over there.  You can be on any screen but the screenshot below is of the order screen.

Slide up the order panel.

Go to the order entry tab and click on the paste icon.

At this point the order is ready to go - but if you'd like to take the trade over to the analyze tab to see how it fits in with your overall portfolio you can:

Click on the gear icon to the right.

Click on "Analyze Trade"

A Couple of Important Notes:

1.  The order code is generated without a price.  ThinkOrSwim should default this to a limit order at the mid price.  Please verify and adjust your limit price.

2. The order code should default to a "Day" order, meaning it will only stay active for the day.

3. Always make sure to verify your order.  There could be errors in the software and there is no guarantee it is correct.  Your trades are your responsibility and by the terms of service you cannot hold OptionAutomator accountable for undesirable trade results or mistakes in order entry.

Note on Topic 

Note that it is always important to verify the current pricing before sending your order to your broker, as options can move very dynamically especially when trading close to the current underlying market price.

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