Is there a trial period for premium accounts?

No Trial Period for Premium Accounts?

Yes, that is correct! There is no trial period for premium accounts.  However, there is a simple reason why..

See, you can evaluate the Brutus Options Ranker with a lifetime Freemium account.  It offers nearly full access to premium features.  We believe this is the best way for you to evaluate the software.

However, we must note that we only guarantee new signups to the Freemium account during beta.  Once you secure your account, it will be honored for a lifetime.   We just want to be transparent that we will evaluate if free access for new users is still economically viable.  Therefore, it's best not to delay registering for your account.

We have focused relentlessly on the "premium" aspect of "freemium." You will be able to make use of our template strategies or build custom strategies with full access to all the criteria that Brutus can evaluate. 

Freemium = Completely Free + Premium Awesomeness

 Currently we offer Freemium access to the Brutus Options Ranker via the Beta Program.  This account level will stay free for all users who secure their account.  It also provides an excellent opportunity to fully test Brutus' Features and therefore we do not offer a trial period on account upgrades.

Tell Me More...

Sure! We will be rolling out a few premium offerings to users at the beginning of the Public Beta launch, including the 'Freemium' and ‘Brutus Premium Account’. 

For the institution, we will roll out the Institutional plan for professionals to run a dedicated cloud service for their trading business.  This plan will give professional traders dedicated resources to ensure the highest level of performance and security. 

The Brutus Premium Account costs $27 per month during the beta testing period.  Later, this plan will be increased to $47 per month.   If you secure your premium account before Brutus comes out of beta, you will keep your lower monthly price for as long as you remain a paying customer.  You will have access to up to 30 Brutus Options Strategies in additional to premium setups and dynamic market groups with the Premium Account. 

Later after completion of beta, a second retail premium account, ‘Brutus Real Time’, will be available.  In this plan, you will receive options rankings in both real time and automatically each morning on end-of-day data.  The Brutus Real Time account can be secured at a cost of only $77 per month, later to be increased to $97/mo.

Great.  How do I Secure My Account?

Currently the Brutus Options Ranker is in Private Beta.  This means that you can request access to the private beta and secure your spot on the waiting list.

We will soon open a Public Beta of the Brutus Options Ranker where anyone can create a free 'Freemium' account.  In addition to first access, you will have the option to secure reduced upgrade pricing.

After the Public Beta closes and Brutus goes into full production, the pricing will increase to the normal levels described in this article.


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