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Topics: 4. Navigating Your Account

Here you’ll find tutorials related to navigating and customizing your OptionAutomator account.

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Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

We'll show you how you can easily get started by cloning an existing strategy, following other strategies, or build your custom strategy from scratch.

How Do I Clone a Strategy?

What Does it Mean to "Clone" a Strategy?With our Clone Strategy feature you can make copies of an already established Options Ranker Strategies. Cloning a strategy...

How many strategies can I enable at once?

You can run one active strategy for free with your freemium account. For additional strategies, we offer various premium access levels or pay per...

How to Modify Your Trading Preferences

Within The Brutus Options Ranker you can set your trading preferences, preferred markets, risk tolerance and the outcome you seek to achieve.

How do I view my strategy results?

In this article, we show you how to navigate to and receive your Brutus Options Ranker strategy results.

Current Plan

You can easily review and/or update your current plan, invoices, billing, and credit card info in your OptionAutomator account.

Notification/Email Setting

You can update your email and notification setting to fine-tune how much Brutus should email you your Brutus Options Ranker strategy results.

What are Your Trading Preferences?

Your trading preferences establish your level of risk, personalizes your trade criteria, and determines what type of options trader you are.

Navigate and Personalize Your Profile

In this article, we show you how to personalize and navigate through your profile. Here you can change your name, password, profile image, and...

Strategy List

All your Brutus Options Ranker strategies. Includes strategies being built, completed strategies, and completed strategies that are enabled and will be run each day...

How Do I Use My Brutus Options Ranker Dashboard?

The Brutus Options Ranker Dashboard is your options trading home base. See navigate and edit your strategies, view your daily results, add and interact...