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Topics: 3. Common Questions

Here you’ll find answers to common questions related to the Brutus Options Ranker and OptionAutomator’s options trade discovery software.

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What is the Brutus Options Ranker?

Brutus continuously compares and ranks every option contract and near-endless combination of spreads available on the market in order to bring tailored, relevant options...

Brutus Options Ranker Key Terminology

Strategies, Market Groups, and Criteria, Oh My! This short article will bring you up to speed with all the terminology used throughout the...

How Do I Clone a Strategy?

What Does it Mean to "Clone" a Strategy?With our Clone Strategy feature you can make copies of an already established Options Ranker Strategies. Cloning a strategy...

Can I Test a Strategy While Building Up My Strategy Tree?

Yes, you can test a strategy while building up your strategy tree. We suggest testing all your strategies before enabling them to rank live...

How Should I Organize my Strategy Tree?

Let’s take a look at how you can use groups in your strategy tree to keep your strategy well organized and easy to work...

What is a setup?

Setups are a specific combination of options contracts that matches a strategic objective. Setups are sometimes referred to as spreads or "strategies" (not to...

How to Modify Your Trading Preferences

Within The Brutus Options Ranker you can set your trading preferences, preferred markets, risk tolerance and the outcome you seek to achieve.

When will OptionAutomator come to my country?

We have aggressive growth plans. However, in the meantime, we believe that traders across the world should participate in U.S. Options markets as these...

What is a Strategy?

Strategies are the foundation for Brutus to perform a rank. A strategy consists of defining a combo of Market Group Option Setup (spread) to...

What is the difference between regulated standardized options contracts and binary options?

We take a strong stance against binary options trading. OptionAutomator only deals with regulated, standardized options contracts.

Can OptionAutomator add support for creating order codes for my broker?

Full details on how to request brokerage order code support.

Is my data secure?

Knowledge base article coming soon.

Can I Execute Options Trades Through the Brutus Options Ranker?

We do not provide a broker service nor do we allow logins to any brokerage services via API. We have a feature under development...