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Topics: 1. Getting Started

Here you’ll find the essential to get your first Brutus Options Ranker strategy up and running!

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What is the Brutus Options Ranker?

Brutus continuously compares and ranks every option contract and near-endless combination of spreads available on the market in order to bring tailored, relevant options...

Brutus Options Ranker Key Terminology

Strategies, Market Groups, and Criteria, Oh My! This short article will bring you up to speed with all the terminology used throughout the...

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

We'll show you how you can easily get started by cloning an existing strategy, following other strategies, or build your custom strategy from scratch.

How Do I Run My Strategy?

The Brutus Options Ranker allows you to build automated options strategies, but they must be enabled to be made 'live' and be included in...

How Should I Organize my Strategy Tree?

Let’s take a look at how you can use groups in your strategy tree to keep your strategy well organized and easy to work...

How to Modify Your Trading Preferences

Within The Brutus Options Ranker you can set your trading preferences, preferred markets, risk tolerance and the outcome you seek to achieve.

Notification/Email Setting

You can update your email and notification setting to fine-tune how much Brutus should email you your Brutus Options Ranker strategy results.

What are Your Trading Preferences?

Your trading preferences establish your level of risk, personalizes your trade criteria, and determines what type of options trader you are.

How Do I Use My Brutus Options Ranker Dashboard?

The Brutus Options Ranker Dashboard is your options trading home base. See navigate and edit your strategies, view your daily results, add and interact...

What is a Market Group?

Market groups is a static or dynamically generated list of underlying tickers (stocks & ETFs) which will be used to make options trading alternatives.

What is a Strategy Tree?

The Strategy Tree is a visual representation and building tool that enables you to create your own Brutus Options Ranker strategies.

What is a Strategy?

Strategies are the foundation for Brutus to perform a rank. A strategy consists of defining a combo of Market Group Option Setup (spread) to...

Do You Offer Professional-Level Accounts or Only Plans for Retail Traders?

OptionAutomator focuses on tools for retail options traders but offers professional, dedicated services for pro traders.

Is there a free plan?

Yes! You can start using the Brutus Options Ranker right away with a freemium plan. The plan remains valid as long as you stay...