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Topics: 5. Pricing & Upgrades

Here you’ll find all relevant info on the pricing plans available for the Brutus Options Ranker as well as details on Freemium level usage.

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How many strategies can I enable at once?

You can run one active strategy for free with your freemium account. For additional strategies, we offer various premium access levels or pay per...

Current Plan

You can easily review and/or update your current plan, invoices, billing, and credit card info in your OptionAutomator account.

Is there a trial period for premium accounts?

There is no trial period for premium accounts. A freemium plan will be available which provides unlimited evaluation period before deciding to upgrade.

Do You Offer Professional-Level Accounts or Only Plans for Retail Traders?

OptionAutomator focuses on tools for retail options traders but offers professional, dedicated services for pro traders.

How do the pricing and plans work?

Details and considerations of what impacts the Brutus Options Ranker plan you need.

Is there a free plan?

Yes! You can start using the Brutus Options Ranker right away with a freemium plan. The plan remains valid as long as you stay...