How many strategies can I enable at once?

How Many Strategies Do I Get With My Freemium Account?

With your freemium account you get one active/enabled strategy for free.  

While you can only enable one strategy at a time, you're allowed as many strategies in your account as you like. In other words, you are only limited by how many strategies are live and not by how many strategies you have created.  

For more active strategies, you will need a premium membership. Furthermore we have also provided you the option to purchase extra strategies individually.

Reminder:  Have a Strategy Enabled

Brutus performs your strategy's rankings each evening after the market close. 

Strategies are the foundation of The Brutus Options Ranker.  Therefore, make sure you have at least one enabled and active strategy in your account. Otherwise Brutus will not return any results for the next trading day.

Enabling My Free Brutus Options Ranker Strategy

You can easily access the strategies page from your Dashboard home screen by clicking on the strategies button on the left menu.

From here, you will be taken to your ‘My Strategies’ page, as shown below.

If you have strategies listed, you can enable or disable any strategy at any time with the 'enable' button.

Otherwise, if you are new to the Brutus Options Ranker, you will have to clone or build your first strategy.  Of course, the tutorial will take you through building your very own first strategy.  Alternatively, you can start with a template strategy and then customize it to match your trading style and objectives.

Create Strategy & Template Buttons

Looking for the Help in Brutus?

You will find video tutorials and help tips throughout the Brutus Options Ranker.  Make sure to check them out if you stumble across an unfamiliar topic!

Options to Enable More Strategies

As you use Brutus more and more in your options trading, you may find that you would like to enable more than one strategy at a time.  In this case, you can check out the premium plans on offer.

We limit the number of strategies that Brutus picks up nightly in the freemium version. This is because the calculations are very computationally expensive.

Still, we are extremely proud to offer a free strategy in your freemium account that allows you to fully leverage the platform.

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